No space for photo's

Good evening dear Crafters,
 Have you been getting the message about no space for photo's?
I have, so I've been looking for a solution, at first I thought I would have to pay for extra space but luckily nooooo!
I was directed to Carol of Brum's Blog Apples & Pears which was very helpful, she has a post about making space and a few lovely friends have helped me too along the way (Thank you girls)
 Here's what to do (if you have the same problem)

Open Picasa (you can just google it, that's what I did and mine instantly came up) 
There you will see your albums of your photos,
choose an album by clicking on it
click on any one photo in that album
select 'actions' from above
go down to edit in creative kit
select resize from the left hand side
fill in the boxes 800 x 800 (sometimes the second set of numbers fill in by themselves)
click on save to my album
then on replace
...all done! 

It's worked for me I have just freed up space which was full, from 99.99% to 76%
and I am doing a few albums a day, so no need to delete any photos, just down size them.
(If you want to find out how much space you have left, In Picasa scroll down to the bottom of the page)
I hope this helps you too.
love & hugs


Doreen said...

Thanks for the heads up Teresa,very useful.xxx

Sue said...

Thanks so much Teresa, I have saved this as I think it may be a while before I need it!!!
Hope you are well
Hugs Sue

Viv said...

I mustn't have reached my limit yet but have kept your instructions for when i do... thanks Teresa. x

Sandra H said...

Very useful information Teresa thank you for sharing this:)x

Christine L said...

Thanks Teresa.... I have copied that and filed it under Picasa..... whats the betting I'll not be able to find it when I need it???!

Christine x

Craftin Suzie (Susan Wykes) said...

Hi Teresa this is really helpful! I have just been and tried it and its amazing how you can reduce it just by one picture!! Thanks a lot xx

Carole of Brum said...

Hi Teresa, brilliant fix resizing in Picasa, I didn't know you could do that. I usually resize in Paint or Paint.Net before uploading but I think this way might be quicker. I don't like to resize all my photos because it does lose picture quality and clarity, but a lot of my photos it won't matter if it loses quality.

thanks for linking to my post about this, it seems like a lot of people are having this problem now. I wish Blogger would just give us more space, but I suppose that's just wishful thinking, lol.

Just caught your latest cards - I don't know how you manage to make every single one so darned pretty! And each so different too. Have a lovely week, Teresa. CoB

Janette said...

Yep Teresa I recently had a nervous breakdown with this little lot...has taken me since then to stop dropping all pics and resize, but still I think it's a cheek to drop this on us all....xx

As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Thank you for sharing the info I am OK for now but will keep a copy for later. Hugs Ginny
PS did you get my email?

Ann Marie Governale said...

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! xxx Ann Marie

Wendy L said...

Hi Teresa
Trying to free space and when I do as you sggested above, it only resizes the 1 picture, not the full album. Am I doing something wrong?